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Welcome to "rinnegan", we are not aim to become number one clan we are aim to become the best clan, and it's all up to our valuable clan mates, this clan is not mine alone it's for all of us. To become part of us you need to help each other, be regular on game and it's really important to be active in chat. This is an international clan so the idea is people from around the globe come together in one place to become an international family.

Clan members will be remove from the clan if you don't meet the criteria remember I am not binding this rules for my benefits but for you!


If there is any idea/suggestion about our website please email it to us rinnegancoc@gmail.com or rinneganchidori@hotmail.com

Thank you guys , lets rock and become one of the best :)


About Rinnegan

Clash of Clans clan competitions:

Rinnegan organistates a lot of activities within the clan. You can try to get different medals/achievements or participate in the 'King of Raid'. Also the top three donators receive a place in the Hall of Fame.

The main reward of these competitions is fame. In addition you get also some usefull troops. By earning a lot of fame we see that you are an active member which may lead to being promoted to Clan Elder. So Clan Elder most be earned and will not be given by begging! Nevertheless we think that participating is more important than the reward! Click the underlined words for more information about it.

About Supercell

Clash of Clans news:

Maintenance 8/15/2013 (Hot Fix for Clan Castle Issues)

We gotta do a quick maintenance break to fix some issues with the Clan Castle. It takes max 30 minutes.


Maintenance 9.8. 2013 (1st Anniversary boost ends, improved Boost & Giant Bomb)

- Resource collector Boost will be improved (cheaper, lasts longer)

- Giant Bomb will be improved (cheaper, more damage)

Click here to see all new updates.


Clash of Clans competitions:

Supercell creates also nice competitions where you can win a lot of gems. Intrested click here to see all the avaible contest.




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